Monday, February 3, 2014

{NEED Volunteers}

If you have a few extra hours this month... CLICK HERE... the PTO can help fill your schedule up:)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

October Meeting Minutes

Treasurer’s Report:
Deposits made into the PTO acct from the October concession stands: 10/7 -
$645.00; 10/10 - $864.00; 10/15 - $1475.97; 10/25 - $2056.25
Expenses paid for operating expenses for concession stands: 10/8 - $150.97;
10/10 - $168.00; 10/16 - $750.84; 11/5 - $517.26; 11/11 - $201.58
Angella gave a report on the concession stand. Concession stand profit is $7178.17 for
the month of October. We still do February plus 2 track meets in April.
Miranda Kahle explained how she figures how much we will owe for supplies such as
condiments, boats, etc. We won’t know totals until the end of the year.
Candice Schilke is resigning from her position as “Box Tops” Person. She sent in what
we had as of Oct. 1, so we should receive a check for that. Leslie Nordhausen will take
on this job.
Long discussion on the upcoming
Book Fair. The theme is “Reading
Oasis” (Egyptian)and it will be December 2-6, 2013 in the school library. We had a long
discussion on details and these are the results decided upon:
Monday, Dec. 2nd after school - Teacher Sneak Peak (time to fill out your wish
list and have a refreshment!)
Tuesday, December 3rd all day - Student Preview & make their Wish Lists! (A
sign up sheet for time slots will be posted by the mailboxes.)
Wed., Thurs. & Fri., Dec. 4-6th from 3:00 - 6:00 - Purchase Days!
Friday, Dec. 6th at lunchtime - “Bring Someone You Love to Lunch” and to buy
books. We will have the students and their loved one eat in their classrooms that
day. Teachers will need to monitor their rooms during that time, but PTO will
provide a lunch for you!
Tonya and Lorain will work on a letter to send home with the kids ahead of time,
communication with the teachers, and the sign up list for Student Preview Day. They
will get imput from the teachers as to students who may need a voucher for books from
PTO. We will not make any names known.
Amy Leibbrandt will make a cute pyramid for the Teacher Wish Lists.
Tonya told us we have about $1300 credit which has an expiration date. Lorain will
notify teachers so that they may select from the catalog. We need to get it used.
Discussion on the
marquee for the front of the school. All present seem to like the idea,
so we will go with it.
Next meeting will be
Monday, Dec. 9th at 3:40 PM in Ms. Tomaso’s art room.
CCS PTO November Meeting Minutes - Nov. 11, 2013
Respectfully submitted,
Lorain Vires, Secretary
CCS PTO November Meeting Minutes - Nov. 11, 2013

Monday, September 23, 2013

September Meeting Minutes

PTO meeting minutes 9-9-2013

President Tonya Wilson welcomed everyone and called the meeting to order. She gave us a brief overview of the activities/events PTO has been responsible for in the past 2 years. The Smart Boards have been a wonderful addition to the elementary classrooms!

Angella Herbert gave us a report as to an agreement with the Pom Pom’s as far as sharing the conces...sions this year. The plan will be much better as we will sell the same items they sell and reimburse the Pom Pom’s for the supplies. Angella gave us more details of the contract.

Upon completion, Kathy Christensen moved that we accept the contract as is with Lindsey Foote seconding it. All voted for the contract. PTO will be in charge of all concessions during the months of October and February, including 2 home track meets and the VB Jamboree. It includes all activities for both high school and jr. high totaling about 34% of the activities.

Angella has a friend in Denver who runs a “Daffy Apples” business. After discussion we decided to order some to sell for the month of October. She makes both caramel and candy apples with a crunch coating.

Box Tops
We will continue collecting these and send in the first batch by October 1st. Candace Schilke will take care of them for us.

Goal for Fundraising
Tonya shared a packet of information on school marquees. She suggested this as a goal for this year. There are various types and prices, so we’d have to do more research, but for sure we’d like to get digital. Discussion held about various locations it could be located.

Treasurer’s Report
Tiffany was not present so Tonya reported that we have a little more than $4100 in the PTO account.

Volunteer Sign-up Link
Discussion was held as to how easy and handy it is to sign up to work the concessions. Angella has a place on the PTO Blog which you will find by going to the school website at and clicking on “Parents.” Angella has added information about the activities for each date which should help you decide which days will work best for you. Go online and check it out!

Officer Elections
President - Lindsey Foote
Vice-President - Tonya Wilson
Secretary/Teacher Rep - Lorain Vires
Box Tops Coordinator - Candace Schilke
Concessions Coordinator - Angella Herbert

Tonya Wilson reminded us all to invite a friend to the next meeting as we were thanked and dismissed.

Respectfully submitted,

Lorain Vires

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

First 2013-2014 School Year PTO meeting

It is that time again... PTO meeting will be Monday September 9th from 3:30-4:30 in the Elementary Art Room.  Hope to see you there!!!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Volunteers Needed

The PTO is needing volunteers to help work the Junior High sporting events this winter.  Please click HERE to help out just a little:)

Monday, November 19, 2012

A little help Please!!!

It takes a lot of volunteers to make a book fair a success.  Please take a minute and click the link HERE to sign up for a shift or two. 
The book fair is a great event to get books in the hands of every child in school. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Meeting Minutes From November 12, 2012

Meeting called to order at 7:03 pm by President Tonya Wilson

SmartBoards are here ~
Mr. Lane has purchased eight SB685 SmartBoards. Two workers from the ESU will begin working on installation on this coming Thursday.

Will PTO reimburse $8000 for SmartBoards?

Carrie Terryberry moved that the PTO spend $8,000 to help pay for SmartBoards ~ Amy Leibbrandt seconded ~ Motion was carried unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report ~
The PTO has $338.43 in their checking account after expenses and SmartBoard purchases.
Book Fair ~
Will be delivered the week of 11/26

Will be held 12/3 through 12/7

Lori Lane reported that we currently have $875 of book credit that can be used to purchase items from the Scholastic School Resource Catalog. We will also have at least another $100 of book credit for having the book fair and having a family event with it.

Lori Lane asked that we spend $200 book credit to make vouchers to be given to children in need and $200 to the speech department due to a request made by speech teacher Cyndi Bahler.

Tabitha Johnson moved that we use $400 of existing book credit to give to children in need and the speech department. Amy Leibbrandt seconded. Motion was carried. Discussion followed about who should be contacted to determine which students are most in need, and it was decided that we will ask Ms. Waggoner, the elementary counselor, to get a list of students who we will give vouchers to.

Angella Herbert moved that we set aside $500 of the available book credit for teachers. We will provide $25 vouchers to classroom teachers for purchasing classroom books. Tabitha seconded. Motion was carried. Discussion followed that if teachers do not use their vouchers, we can send out an email inviting teachers to spend the unspent balance.

Lori Lane will make up and have printed vouchers for both the students in need and also for the teachers.

Tiffany and Carrie will make the Classroom Wishlist board with Wishlists for the teachers to fill out. We will have a teacher preview day on Friday.

Discussion about possible alternatives to having the Book Fair in the Board Room due to the small size followed. Suggestions included the library and the stage. It was decided that the library is not secure and the stage will be needed by the drama and music departments. Amy suggested that we could have the Lunch with Someone You Love on Friday, and move the Book Fair out into the commons area so we won’t have to have so many people in the small board room. We will then leave it out for the basketball game that evening. We will be sure that the Book Fair is staffed by volunteers all day on Friday. We will ask high school study hall students to help out with moving all the stuff.

Discussion was held about how to best utilize all of the parent volunteers we might have. Mr. Lane will put information in the Lasso which includes the link to the volunteerspot. Tonya will send a message out to our email list which includes the link to the volunteerspot as well.

Angella Herbert is going to post the shifts that are available and needed to be covered on the volunteerspot website which is connected to the CCS PTO Blog.

Book Fair Schedule will be as follows:

Set up will be on Thursday, 11/29.

Teacher preview will be on Friday, 11/30.

Kids looking will be on 12/3 and 12/4 and kids buying will be on 12/5 and 12/6. Lunch with someone you love will be on Friday, 12/6 and the Community Event will be on the evening of Friday, 12/6 during the home basketball games between 4 and 8 pm.

Holiday Movie
PTO will be helping the 4th through 6th grades with their Holiday Movie on December 21st. Carrie, Terri, Tiffany, and Tabitha will work concessions.

Tabitha reported that for a family movie the cost would be $50 to rent the theater and also $15/hour for projection person. Concessions profit would go to the theater board, so this would be mainly a community service project for the PTO.

CRToys was already occupied and we will possibly do it another time.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:10 pm.